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Barham Court is beautifully situated above the village of Teston near Maidstone. On grassy slopes overlooking the river Medway and the village itself it commands views to be envied and is the ideal setting for our office. Barham Court has been used as a film setting on a number of occasions and has also seen performances by the likes of Shirley Bassey who sang to an audience of around 8,000.


Barham Court is the ancient historical home of Henry Barham of Teston and Elizabeth Culpeper. Historically, Barham Court has had links to many historical events including things as varied as the invention of composting (via Lord Barham and the soil Association) to the abolition of slavery. The historic building (architect Benjamin la Trobe, architect to the Whitehouse, Washington) has been fully upgraded to meet all modern needs and requirements, providing facilities for everything from office space and conferences to major entertainment events.

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